Asparagus Handels- und Vertriebs GmbH und Partner are organizing a trade fair on

Wednesday, September 04 and
Thursday, 05 September 2019

 Interaspa practice machines & impressions

Interaspa practice: machines

Interaspa practice overview

fair impressions

Interaspa Praxis 2017

Interaspa Practice:
This awaits the visitors

Premiere for the Interaspa practice:
On the 6th and 7th of September  2017, the visitors of the Erdbeerhof Osterloh in Visbek, as well as neighboring farms and the experimental station for soft fruits in Langförden, will have a unique combination of practical demonstrations, innovative technology and a classic exhibition.

Experimental Center Beerenobst
Opens doors at Interaspa Praxis

Straubberries and strawberries are the focus of the Interaspa practice at the test station for soft fruits in Langförden: In addition to different culture methods, practice-oriented experiments are going to be presented.

Protected cultivation in the Company 
Reinke: Interaspa practice

Obsthof Reinke this year for the first time cultivated, in addition to strawberries, now raspberries and sweet cherries in protected farming – Matthias Reinke reports on his first experiences.

The Grower Files

 Video interviews from the ErdbeerSpargelPortal.

The asparagus trade and distribution GmbH and partners are organising a trade fair on
Wednesday, 06 September and Thursday, 07 September 2017

  Special crops (asparagus, strawberries, soft fruit, stone fruit, pome fruit, fir trees, fruit in protected cultivation).
  Direct marketing (separate installation with demonstrations and lectures in the exhibit hall)
   Demonstrations of all crops and machine demonstrations are available on the field.

On September 6th an evening event is planned. Food and drinks will be provided.
We are looking forward to an informative exchange of ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. .
The event will take place at the Erdbeerhof Osterloh in 49429 Visbek, Halter 21.
The co-organizer of the magazine Erdbeer- Spargel Profi will also be there.
We provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your products in practical use or
in the open area or in the exhibit hall.
You can view short video clips on our web page to gain a first-hand impression
of the location (as of mid-June).
We have organized a shuttle bus for our visitors to visit the various demonstration areas, crops and exhibition halls.
The event will be promoted to the entire Federal Republic of Germany
as well as to neighboring countries via our media partners.
Our partner associations are organizing tours to the event.
The International Asparagus Symposium
will take place in Potsdam at the same time and
participants will be visiting our event on September 7th.

Please fill out the registration form clearly and legibly. 
Briefly tell us the characteristics or special features of your demonstration or exhibition goods or services.
We intend to forward this information to the trade press in order to publicize these accordingly.
Please return the registration form to:
Asparagus Handels- und Vertriebs GmbH, Lange Str. 78, 27318 Hoya.

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